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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Ive been in therapy for many years which actually seems, at times, to just contribute to deepening my stress: I could never just get a clear answer from any counsellor or even from within myself, I was just too conflicted and I was going around in an ever more stressful loop. 
I wasn't a big believer in this type of thing either, having lost most of my faith in anything through life's traumas, and was somewhat pessimistic for this reading but sometimes you have to try anything that is offered and I'm so so glad that I did!
The answers to my questions just came through Lezley so immediately and resonated with me so deeply that tears of relief came pouring as quickly as the answers.  If nothing else this woman clearly is a strong intuit and the feedback I received gave me the clarity I needed to move forward on things that had been keeping me awake at night for years!  It has simplified everything in my life at this point, like it reconnected me with myself and my trust of my own intuition!
I highly recommend letting her work her 'magic' on anyone who is struggling.


Although I am only beginning to explore energy healing, intuition and Akashic readings, Lezley opened doors for me that I didn’t know existed!  Her reading provided astounding insights for some of the blocks that I experience, clarity for the path moving forward and addressed all of the questions that I brought to her.  She finished our session with a card reading that was so accurate that it gave us both chills because it perfectly summed up everything we had talked about in our session. In her words” You can’t make this stuff up “. I highly recommend booking a session with Lezley to explore this for yourself, and can’t wait to work with her again

Sandra Durie

She started smoothly by cleansing energies and prayers which helped me relax. She gave me messages which resonated with me deeply. Like she told me to do few things to expand professionally which I had started from the beginning of this month. She also confirmed that I am on the right path and I am here to lead others with my spiritual gifts, which many of my other healer friends have told me to.

She helped me on my throat issue too by including emotional code healing. Which I think was a great help for me. She is very patient and her connection and reading was deep and profound. 

I highly recommend her sessions to all. Connect with her and you will instantly feel her soothing and calming energies.

Asha Shah

Finally, I have time to write a much needed review and share my experience with Lezley. First, let me say when I met Lezley I was immediately drawn to her Aura, it was very maternal and comforting. While conversing with her she stopped me to tell me a message from the spirits about a surgery I previously had and don't really discuss. I was immediately more drawn in. Only I know exactly what I'm going through, so to hear my current and past life situation come out of her mouth I knew she was real right there and I appreciated her explaining the way she did, instead of just telling me anything. She told me exactly what she had seen and clarified everything for me. Her advice and readings have directed me through some intense and physical and internal relationship with myself and body along with how I deal with others. Lezley has constantly followed up to check on me and see how I'm doing and dealing though out. She was dedicated to my healing process and actually wanted to help heal me. She is kind, thoughtful and respectful of my needs. I highly recommend and have already shared her info with my friends, customers, and family members

Anisha Reindorf

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