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Hi! My name is Lezley. I am a natural born healer and light worker. I was born and raised on a beautiful acreage just west of Stony Plain, Alberta. I have always loved nature and all things made by nature. When I was a child I loved to make concoctions out of twigs, grass, leaves, and mud. I have always known that less is more and all natural is the best way to heal any and all dis-ease. I started at a young age making my own deodorant as I was allergic to the toxic chemicals in commercial brands. The results were unlike anything I have ever tried! My live for creating all things natural grew from there. I love making different concoctions with herbs, fruits, seeds, plants, etc. . When the covid pandemic struck it became very clear to me that I needed to start sharing my syrups, medicinal teas, tinctures, skincare and healing salves and much more with the world. I want to help people become and stay healthy! I want you to know you can achieve a healthy body and mind by using all natural products made from plants. I believe in going "back to basics" and using what mother nature has so graciously given us. With that's we can heal the world! With Love, Lezley. 

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Ive been in therapy for many years which actually seems, at times, to just contribute to deepening my stress: I could never just get a clear answer from any counsellor or even from within myself, I was just too conflicted and I was going around in an ever more stressful loop. 
I wasn't a big believer in this type of thing either, having lost most of my faith in anything through life's traumas, and was somewhat pessimistic for this reading but sometimes you have to try anything that is offered and I'm so so glad that I did!
The answers to my questions just came through Lezley so immediately and resonated with me so deeply that tears of relief came pouring as quickly as the answers.  If nothing else this woman clearly is a strong intuit and the feedback I received gave me the clarity I needed to move forward on things that had been keeping me awake at night for years!  It has simplified everything in my life at this point, like it reconnected me with myself and my trust of my own intuition!
I highly recommend letting her work her 'magic' on anyone who is struggling.



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